Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Europe vids

So here are the last videos from Europe. There is a recap video, and then kyle and I give some of our favorite memories of the trip.

Kyle's Memory

Abe's Memory

Tim and his Accent

Tim is from England, and he was roommates with Kyle during their time at the Shelter in Amsterdam. Tim came and stayed at L'Abri while we were there. Tim was teaching us English accents, and we discovered that Tim had a incredible American accent. The following videos are of me trying to get him to talk.

This might be an inside joke... so I apologize if you don't think it is funny.

Death Cab for Cutie concert in Berlin Germany

The fallowing videos are of the Death Cab for Cutie show that Kyle and I were able to attend in Berlin Germany on 11/25/08. The show was fantastic, they played well, and the venue was really nice.

This is Frightened Rabbit who opened for Death Cab

Death Cab:

The Employment Pages

The New Year

Grapevine Fires

I Will Fallow You Into the Dark

We Looked Like Giants

This was by far one of my favorite songs they played that night. They just really rocked it. Chris Walla switched instruments with Nick Harmer and they killed it!


I highly suggest going to a show in Berlin sometime. Berlin is a must see in Europe by my standards, and they have a great art culture. So if you ever make it to Germany, then head to Berlin.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Krakow Poland

Here are some shots from Poland when it was really cold.


So I am back in Boise, and it is really cold. There is snow on the ground and the heat is off in my brother's house because the furnace is being replaced. I am over jet lag now, and I am just trying to get my feet under me. Normal life starts to move. I ordered a cell phone... I have to get some Christmas gifts in order.

I am going to be posting some new videos; 15 of them to be exact. I will put up some pictures as well, but I am going to take my time with that. Maybe in the next few days there will be some new content and new reflections.

I am glad to be home. Things are well in Idaho, and I can only hope the same in Oregon. I will be there soon. It will be weird to not be in school and be there. I guess I am getting started late on that transition.

More to come.