Friday, January 25, 2008

So I had to pick one of my proposed projects to post this week, and I had trouble thinking of what to do. One of the projects I wanted to do at some point this semester was "Crying." This is a hard subject to capture because not only is it hard to get pictures of people crying, but those individuals might not want photos of them crying published for all to see. So two things came to me. First, I thought that I could take pictures of myself crying and then I wouldn't have to worry about getting others to participate. Second, I was sad enough to cry last Tuesday. It is hard to be truly sad, and take pictures yourself. The main reason I wanted to do this project was that I haven't sen a lot of pictures of people crying. I think that it is one of the most raw and intimate ways to capture someone. In a way I have done more of a self portrait, and it is hard to tell what these picture are about. In fact, I don't think that these pictures are that great at all, but it is hard to get set up with good lighting, and concentrate on composition when you are crying. I hope you see what I see.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Gallery Viewing First

The Studio 3 exhibit is really nice. I really like knowing the artist. I have had that privilege a few time in my life, and it definitely makes the viewing experience more pleasurable. Breanne did a great job of using space to make the paintings. They are not too busy, but that still have all of the detail and beauty that was needed to make them vivid. I really like the piece that has the clothes line in it. There is something so amazing about it.

Doug Campbell's work is hard to digest at first. When I walk into the Lindgren Gallery I think that I am in a late sixties gallery. After I let the pieces soak in my mind for awhile, then they start to grow on me to the point that I would like to have one in my home. He does a great job of capturing things that most would think two mundane. Most artists would never think of doing a piece of her/his family at home eating dinner. The candid is underrated. I would love to see the pictures he started out with. I am sure that the transformation is a neat process. I like how simple the colors that he used are. Just a few main colors and he makes a whole scene. This is a great lesson in tones.

Last but not least, I went to the Minthorne Gallery. I have been doing pottery for about a year and a half. I know some of the potters that were in the show, and some of the potters in the show I wish I knew. These potters are known around the world for their work, and so it is great that we can have their work here at Fox. I really liked the Tom Colman pieces (of course), and the Ron Linn pieces too. This is one of my favorite shows I have been to.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

First photos

These are the photos we took during class last week. I had a lot of trouble getting them uploaded at a bigger size, so they are kind of small. Also, there is a noticeable difference in these photos vibrancy and color on here. They just look a little flat or dead to me. They don't look like this in reality. So keep that in mind, and I will be trying to figure that out correct the problem so they look like they are supposed to. Please comment.