Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is why everyone is so disappointed.

This is why everyone is so disappointed

I was just watching TV (that was my first mistake) and I came across a show called “Christian Celebrity Showcase.” I hope I don't need to explain the irony in that show title.

Could you imagine how Jesus would feel about something like that?

The idea that we even have Christian Celebrities is absurd! Then we have to Showcase them? Celebrate them?

This is exactly why we have no impact in this culture. We are acting, or at least trying to act, like the rest of the country. In most ways we are just like non Christians.

We are not living out the call to be set apart. To live differently. To be a changed and changing people.

Romans 12:2

We all know it.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

I want people to know I am different, and quite frankly I need to be different. I can't live like the rest of the world and LIVE with myself. It will kill me. I need to know that there is something more. So I want to be changed. I want people to notice the difference between me now and me then. I want people to notice that I am different from the people around me. He wants that too.

May I be different and have impact. Not just for me, but for Christ.


حميد رضا حسين خاني said...

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Molly Catherine said...

I love this. Please, write more often. :)

PK 09 said...

Nothing is right, everything is true.

Dillo said...

Wait! So I can't be crucified with Christ AND be famous and self-focused? Consider others more important than myself? WHAT!

Thanks for the reminder...and the contrast.

Gabe said...

How do I become the Christian Showcase celebrity champion? It was good eating with you today. Cool blog.

K said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Great blog.

lura said...

great blog

Anonymous said...

Don't cry, smile
you are my sunshine
single is simple,double is trouble
Life is like a boat
always together,forever apart

Khakjaan Wessington said...

American Idle [Bonus News Poem Feb 25, 2010]

“For the second time this week, Fox’s “American Idol” beat NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Wednesday’s episode of “Idol” drew 22.8 million viewers from 8 to 10 p.m., almost 3 million more than the Winter Games on NBC in the same time period, according to Nielsen’s estimates. ”
--BENJAMIN TOFF Compiled by JULIE BLOOM, New York Times, February 25, 2010

Before, the athlete earned her pay
In part by sponsorship display.
But now who wants to practice sports?
“It's too much time,” the youth exhort.
They'd rather sing in shower stalls
And dream of famous music halls
In which they'd headline every night.
They seek a love for who they are:
They're lazy clowns. In short—they're stars.

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jaci said...

amen... i like you. lol

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hahee said...

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Sistahs After God's Heart said...

This is VERY true! People are starting to glamorize "christian celebrities" as if they were GOD themselves! There are people who are calling themselves "christians" just for the glamour but are not walking in it. To be a christian is to be LIKE CHRIST!

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Hashim said...

The biggest mistake you and your fellow Christians did is that you worship the creature not the creator. Jesus Christ is a prophet of God the Almighty who cam to save the human beings from going astray.. We have to follow his teachings and not to worship him.

Garnetrose said...

Christian celebrities? How can you be a christian and do some of the things they do? I just don't see it, myself but I am an old foggey when it comes to religion. wait..I am an old foggey any way.

SELBY said...

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