Monday, June 8, 2009

What is better than flying helicopters?

I have recently discovered that I love to swing. I remember that I used to go down to the playground in the summer evenings when I was a kid and swing. I never went to public grade school, so swinging was more of a novelty for me.

I would swing for hours by myself and look out at the Round Valley that stretched before me. At the far side of the valley, the ground shot up to form some of the many peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Beautiful. Idaho.

I have been going out in the evening on my bike to find good swing sets (riding bikes is a whole other story about feeling young again. I love the feeling of rushing along the road on my bike). Newberg has wonderful sunsets and swing sets.

I love to sit on the swing and look at the sunset. One of the things that we will never be able to recreate, and we will never be able to take credit for.

So beautiful.

Then I get to swinging. I like to go high and fast. It is a rush just being on the swing for me. A familiar felling. Then I swing as high as I can go, and when I am all the way forward I look up at the sky and for that half a second I am weightless and can see nothing but the sky.

I can't really describe the feeling.

I swing with Him too.

That is the kind of thing that I need more of in my life.


So what is better than flying helicopters?

Swinging with the Lord!


Shawna said...

a new post! =)
and about swinging! I love it! One of my favorite things to do is swing, and i should probally do more of it. I used to dream of flying alot when i was little. If i could choose one "super power" it would be to fly. swinging is a good substitute, especially when you are swinging with the Lord.

I am officially now a follower of your blog ;)

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Fatuous Anility said...

I am not driven by faith but I love to swing...